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Google+ Successful for Big Businesses, but What About Small Businesses

July 2nd, 2013 | Posted in Uncategorized

As the President of Tranquil Blue Marketing, I am a 10+ year veteran in search engine marketing and social media marketing. Some may consider me the guru and leader of the premier Tampa Web Design company.
The +1 platform is more than just a “like” button. There are endless possibilities with Google’s social networking platform. It has many hidden gems and is growing like wildfire.
Do you ever notice the +1 icon on websites when doing your daily web research? Google has set the bar for many of the existing social networking sites with Google+. With Google+ you are not merely sharing things with a large and unknown group of people. You actually, get search results that begin with recommendations from the people in your Google+ Circles.
The Google +1 offers you more than just a Facebook “like” or a Twitter #hashtag. This network doesn’t just show you’re interested; Google+ has integrated searches and circles to create a finely tuned result page.
The more Google +1s you have, you will rank better with Google. Period!

As a Business Do I Need +1?

We all know it’s great for celebrities like Aston Kutcher or someone’s favorite product, but what about a small or brand new business, like yours? While, I am sure you have a great product or service but, more than likely it’s not that glamorous. If you have Google+ and someone +1’s your business, the next time people in their Circles searches a keyword relating to your company, yours will be on the first page of Google. A bright +1 will appear under your company allowing that person to see any friend(s) and recommend your services. +1’s are a perfect way to build a network which in turn helps create referrals for your business. So yes, you should be interested as a business, no matter what type of business you may have. Additional potential customers are what we are looking for right? If so, let’s do all that we can to help that happen.

Get the +1 for your site today, it’s easy.

The +1 button receives as much as, three times the exposure on the Google+ network. Add the +1 icon to your blogs, websites, and products.
Click here to get create a +1 for your site.

Connect through other social networks

Use a call to action links on your site. Simply create a hyperlink. Link your site wherever possible through other social networks and commenting on blogs.

Blog Commenting

Blog comments and links in your signature to your business can help drive traffic to your site. If they like your work, viewers will easily be able to +1 your business.

Deliver the reader an exceptional experience

It takes more than just networking to create true fans and followers for your business. You must deliver an engaging and exceptional experience. Interact with your community through your website or blog. This will create the +1 click that you’re after. Show clients and followers love and that you’re listening to them by clicking +1 on their Google+ statuses and links.

Turn your customers and friends into fans.

Common sense says that the more friends you have, the better your chances will be that some of these friends will join your fan page. Be interactive and just ask them to join. If you have gone through the trouble of delivering what your customers and friends want, they will.

+1’s the New Age Testimonial.

A true tried and tested method of gaining business is by word of mouth. This has brought true success to many businesses. Google+ offers this very things but to a wider range of potential customers. If your business is solid, your current customers will spread the word about your business to their circle. For the added support from your friends and fans, create a thank you email and link to your site to +1.

Follow Up Emails with Google+1

Another great way to get +1s is to send follow up emails to customers. After a customer has bought your product or used your services, send a customer satisfaction email. Find out if they were in-fact pleased and include a link to your +1. This will also give you a testimonial for your website.

Talk and Blog about +1

Talk, blog and educate clients about Google+ and the +1. Explain your journey and results, step by step. Most people are unsure about what Google+ actually does. Spread the word about what Google has done for your business with Google +1 through blog posts and everyday conversation. Explain the pros and cons. Ask them to +1 your site to test out Google +1.
+1 is still new and fairly unused. Just take the time to educate people around you. Everyone loves recommendations from their friends and Google is returning that favor, ten-fold.

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